Hi! We’re Nicole & Dylan, the diners behind Eating Vegan in Grand Rapids. We love living in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we want to show you all the amazing options available here for vegans and their non-vegan friends and family to enjoy together. We want to make eating vegan easy for you! So, choose your next restaurant for eating out, your next recipe for eating in, and even the best places to buy the right ingredients!

Hi! We are Nicole and Dylan

I, Nicole, am an avid healthy vegan, and I love helping other people learn about the vegan lifestyle and how to eat whole, real foods. I’m also the baker behind the Burly Bison Bakery. My husband, Dylan, will eat 95% of anything put in front of him, but I’m slowly converting him to the healthy food life. (Of course, 95% of what he eats is what I make for him anyway!)

What to expect

We want to provide you with the knowledge and resources to make vegan eating easy for you in Grand Rapids. That means posts about individual ingredients, where to buy them, and recipes they can go in, as well as restaurant reviews that have delicious vegan options and equally tasty non-vegan options for your friends and family eat differently.

If you want to tip us off to your favorite vegan-friendly restaurant or grocery store, head on over to our Contact page and send it in!

We also want to hear about where you may be struggling in eating vegan or what’s been difficult for you as you change your lifestyle. We here to serve you in your journey, whether that’s just to listen or if we can help you find satisfaction in eating vegan. Again, you can get in touch here.

Thanks so much for spending time with us! We hope that we can help you with eating vegan in Grand Rapids!